Charles Crowson | Testimonials


Peter from Chorley wrote these kind words about us:

We came across Handrails of Distinction by accident at the end of the Harrogate house-building show in 2014 and were impressed by the product and particularly by the creativity of the owner, Charles. 

We had been looking for someone who could provide us with a flight of stairs to make a statement and give access to a newly converted loft and had been disappointed to varying degrees by the limited imagination of the potential suppliers that we had spoken to. To be fair we weren’t sure what we wanted but absolutely certain what we did not want. We were just unable to communicate this to others.

We asked Charles if he would be interested in our ill defined project and he agreed to visit the site to discuss ideas. Charles was able to grasp what we wanted and turned it into few sample sketches which formed the basis for the final design. He was open to discussing every aspect of the design, putting forward his own views and incorporating our ideas. Work progressed quickly, and he was able to work in with other tradesmen who were doing other work in the house. After the work was completed and we had been left alone for a few weeks one or two minor problems arose. Charles dealt with these quickly and effectively.

At the start of the project we had wanted a staircase in the entrance hall that would not only make an impression on visitors, but would also be a bit different from any other staircase that they had ever seen. In this the result has been spectacularly successful. Every one who comes in the front door for the first time, be they tradesmen, delivery men, friends or relatives, has said how lovely it looks. Some have just said “Wow” and spent several minutes just looking at it. 

We are delighted.

John also wrote:

Charles Crowson has an eye for design and detail. He helped us construct a “statement” staircase which is an amazing centre-piece to the house. He has opened up a niche market for Corian handrails to stairways. We did much research to find the most practical and attractive material. Corian is completely adaptable (even reversible!) and we chose a finish that can best be described as ‘faux’ marble. We had explored a solution with wood but with a one-off spiral staircase, it was no contest to use a solution made on site by Charles Crowson Handrails Of Distinction. he worked well with the other trades and was both to time and within budget. I have no hesitation in recommending