Visually Stunning Seamless Handrails by Charles Crowson.

The flawless tactile sensation to enhance any staircase design.

Crafted in Corian® by DuPont™, our Handrails of Distinction offer the smooth coolness of marble and the strength and versatility of acrylic, bringing a seamless elegance to handrails for any staircase application.

The beautiful choice for both modern and traditional staircases, our handrails blend perfectly with steel, wrought iron and wood, adding style and distinction to both indoor and outdoor stairways and balustrades.

The Charles Crowson Handrails of Distinction range give architects and interior designers freedom to develop staircase designs limited only by their own imagination!

Believe me, the experience you remember is the one you touch”

-Kevin McLoud in ’43 Principles of Home’